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What are common motorcycle insurance exclusions?

Mississippi law requires motorcycle operators to prove they can meet the minimum property and bodily injury liability requirements. Having an appropriate insurance policy is the most common form of proof. However, violating specific exclusions stated in your policy may invalidate your policy, so it is crucial to understand your policy exclusions. If you live in or near Byram, MS, and want to under your policy exclusions or have other insurance questions, the Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions

Every motorcycle insurance policy includes language that excludes or invalidates your coverage in certain situations. That means you will not be covered for accidents that occur when you do not operate your motorcycle safely or when using unsafe equipment because they increase the likelihood of causing an accident and its severity.

Each policy is different, so you should review your individual coverage, but standard exclusions include participating in an organized race or riding:

  • Recklessly or while intentionally damaging property
  • With the intent of hurting yourself or others
  • While committing a crime
  • Under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • While delivering products or transporting passengers for hire

Coverage is also invalidated when you lend your motorcycle to someone not named in your policy.

Every policy details these exclusions, so you should review them with your agent to ensure you understand each exclusion. In some cases, such as using your motorcycle to make deliveries, you can obtain a commercial vehicle policy that covers you in those situations.

Working With Riverside Insurance Agency Inc.

The Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. serves the Byram, MS, area. If you live nearby and need a motorcycle or other insurance, our friendly team is ready to help you. Please stop by or call us today at 601-371-8355.

Recreational Insurance is Critical for Cross-Country Trips

With the help of our team at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., you can protect your Byram, MS recreational vehicles, no matter what your situation. For example, if you’re heading on a cross-country trip and want to keep your vehicle safe, it’s important to ensure you take the right steps here.

Your Recreational Vehicles Need Protection 

Cross-country camping trips are a great way to see the nation and experience the world. However, it’s also a potentially damaging way to impact your vehicles and cause real long-term issues. For example, putting thousands of miles on an RV while traveling puts it at risk of breakdown. 

If your camper does break down on the road, who is going to pay to haul it away and fix it? You, that’s who! Most likely out of your pocket without insurance. Thankfully, there are many high-quality insurance options that can help you keep your vehicle safe from long-term damage issues.

How to Find a Policy 

When seeking out a recreational insurance policy, it’s important to take your vehicle type into consideration. Then, you need to make sure you find coverage that makes the most sense for you. This step includes gauging what kind of damage might occur to your vehicle unexpectedly.

Then, you can work with your team to find a policy that works with our current ones. For example, many agencies provide protection of multiple types that you can bundle together into one package. That step is smart if you want your insurance to be streamlined, efficient, and effective.

Contact Us to Learn More

Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. can help Byram, MS residents find recreational insurance that makes sense for their needs. No matter what recreational vehicle you own, we can give you the support that you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our options.

Do I Need Insurance Coverage for a Kayak?

Nothing can be more relaxing and renewing than getting out on the river or lake and spending time in nature. This is why many people spend their summer vacations boating, either in a canoe, kayak or even a larger boat of some sort. If you’re a Byram, MS resident and you have just purchased a kayak, you’re probably quite excited. You may wonder if you need insurance coverage for your kayak in Byram, MS.

Here is a brief overview that can help you understand what is required before you can enjoy your kayak:

Exempt from Registration

In the state of Mississippi, kayaks and other non-motorized boats are exempt from registration. Since it’s not necessary to register your kayak, having it insured is not required. However, many people opt to purchase insurance policies for their kayaks as an added measure of security. 

Safety Rules and Regulations

Even though you’re not required to cover your kayak under insurance, it’s mandatory that you follow certain rules and regulations set forth by the state to ensure your safety while out on the water. You should check with the state government to obtain a full list of these rules and regulations before heading out on the water. You will find rules like boating education, necessary boating safety gear, and much more. It’s better to be informed ahead of time instead of going out on the water not knowing. 

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

As you can see, it is not a requirement to purchase insurance coverage for your kayak, but it’s always a good idea to have insurance. We at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. are available to meet all your boating insurance needs and more. Contact us at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. today for a quote so that we can get your new insurance policy started if you decide to do so. 

Make Sure you Have Enough Liability Protection With Umbrella Insurance

It’s always important to have enough liability coverage in case a serious accident happens. Many people have both an auto policy and a home policy to protect themselves. However, these may be lacking in a type of coverage that you badly need. They often don’t have very much liability coverage, and this can leave you at risk of huge expenses. If you have these two policies, it can be helpful to get an umbrella policy to add to the amount of coverage you have on both.

When you need umbrella coverage, call us at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS.

Adding More Liability Coverage

With your home policy, liability coverage is very important in case someone has an accident while on your property. This can be extremely expensive when there are injuries that require medical attention. Home policies often have little of this coverage, though. The same is often true with auto insurance. When you add extra liability insurance to your home and auto policies individually, the price can be quite high. Many people find that doing so is unaffordable for them. That’s why there’s umbrella insurance. It adds more liability coverage to both of these policies, and it doesn’t cost much. It’s a great way to keep yourself better protected. 

Paying the Overages

If you don’t have enough liability coverage and an expensive accident does happen, there may be an overage due once your home or auto policy has paid out as much as it can. This overage maybe thousands of dollars. When you have an umbrella policy, it pays this overage after your auto or home policy has maxed out. The maximum payout of umbrella policies is extremely high. 

Get Umbrella Insurance Today

When you’re interested in getting more liability coverage, call us at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS. 

More Than Aid: How Flood Insurance Keeps Nonprofits Running During Floods

From non-profit food banks to disaster relief organizations in the Byram, MS area, these entities are essential in assisting those in need. However, their ability to fulfill their missions can fail when flooding occurs. 

The Vulnerability of Non-Profits to Flooding

Non-profits use physical facilities, equipment, and assets to accomplish their missions. These assets can include office spaces, warehouses, vehicles, and more. These assets can risk extensive damage or destruction in floods, disrupting the organization’s ability to provide vital services.

How Flood Insurance Supports Non-Profits

Flood insurance handles damage and losses caused by floods. Non-profits must protect their assets and maintain operations during and after a flood event. Listed are the benefits:

1. Asset Protection: Flood insurance significantly reduces the financial burden of repairing or replacing damaged assets. It allows them to continue their work without a long hiatus or the need for additional fundraising efforts to cover flood-related costs.

2. Business Interruption Coverage: Some flood insurance policies offer business interruption coverage in addition to asset protection. If a non-profit is forced to temporarily cease its operations due to flood-related damage, the insurance can compensate for lost income and assist with continuing essential services.

3. Consistent Service Delivery: For many non-profits, their services are critical to the well-being of their communities. Flood insurance helps ensure that these services can continue without significant disruption.

4. Access to Resources: Non-profits often have limited resources, and diverting funds from their mission to repair flood damage can be a significant setback. Flood insurance ensures that financial resources remain available for the non-profit’s primary objectives rather than for recovery efforts.

Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. Can Help You

At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., we can help answer questions concerning flood insurance. We serve the Byram, MS area. Contact us today.

Understanding the Parts of an Auto Insurance Policy

Buying auto insurance for the first time in Byram, MS can be confusing. Learning how to read the parts of the policy is essential so you can understand your coverage. When you buy auto insurance from Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., our agents will work with you to determine coverage levels and help you understand your policy.

The Major Sections

When buying auto insurance, you’ll see several different types of coverage. Some are mandatory, while others are optional. Among the sections you will see are:

  • Liability – for bodily injury and property damage
  • Medical payments – provides coverage for medical and hospital treatment for injured passengers
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists – covers your medical expenses and sometimes
  • Collision – pays for the damages to your vehicle when another one hits it
  • Comprehensive – pays for damages caused by hitting an animal, object hitting or falling on your vehicle, and similar circumstances.

Mississippi requires all vehicle owners to have minimum liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. Optional coverages are collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorists. Most policyholders have at least one optional coverage to provide peace of mind if an accident occurs.

Understanding Your Declarations Page

Policy owners will find a summary of their coverage information on the declaration page. You’ll see basic information such as the policy number, policy terms (usually 12 months), and the company and agency information. Other pertinent information includes your name, the make and model of your insured vehicle, including its VIN, the premium, and any applicable discounts. This page will also list coverage amounts for mandatory and optional coverage types.

Reach Out To Us

You can trust Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS to provide quality auto insurance that will meet your needs. Contact us today to get started on your quote.

Loss Assessment Coverage in Condo Insurance

Condo living in and around the Byram, MS area offers a unique blend of homeownership and shared community spaces, creating a sense of unity among residents. However, when unexpected damages occur to common areas or amenities, condo owners face a financial burden that extends beyond their units. This is where loss assessment coverage steps in, providing crucial protection against unforeseen shared costs. Knowing they are covered, it delivers peace of mind for the condo owner. 

Understanding Loss Assessment Coverage

Loss assessment coverage is a vital component of condo insurance that often goes overlooked. It safeguards condo owners against the financial implications of collective expenses incurred for repairs or damages to shared spaces within the condominium complex. These shared areas, such as elevators, hallways, swimming pools, and roofs, are essential to the overall functionality and appeal of the community.

Importance of Loss Assessment Coverage

Imagine a scenario where a sudden storm causes extensive damage to the condo building’s roof, requiring immediate repairs. The condominium association may spread the repair costs among all unit owners. Individual owners could face a substantial financial burden without loss assessment coverage, often reaching thousands of dollars. Loss assessment coverage alleviates this burden, ensuring that condo owners are not shouldering the costs alone.

Unforeseen Events and Collective Costs

Loss assessment coverage becomes particularly valuable in situations involving unforeseen events that damage common areas, such as fires, natural disasters, or accidents. These events can lead to hefty repair bills shared among all condo owners. With loss assessment coverage, condo owners can manage these unexpected expenses without depleting their savings or financial resources.

Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. Can Help You

At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., we can answer all your questions concerning condo insurance. We assist the Byram, MS region. Contact us today.

Workers Compensation Insurance Protects the Financial Stability of Your Business

Workers may be exposed to a number of risks that can cause injury or even death. These events can affect your business with expensive costs or lawsuits. Workers’ compensation insurance is a system that has been designed to defray the expenses associated with caring for workers who are injured on the job. At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS, we help Mississippi companies acquire this important coverage for their business.

Do You Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Requirements for workers’ compensation insurance vary from state to state. In Mississippi, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses with more than five employees. If you have fewer than five employees, you may not need to have this coverage. However, some of the companies you do business with may require it as part of their contracts. Ultimately, having workers’ compensation insurance protects your company against large expenditures for employee injuries and avoids lawsuits that might occur as a result of worker injury.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers compensation insurance covers costs related to worker injuries such as medical treatment for an injury, lost wages while recovering from an injury, and death benefits if a death occurs as a result of an injury on the job. If an employee accepts workers’ compensation for an injury, they cannot sue your company for the injury, which protects your business against expensive lawsuits that could threaten the financial stability of your company.

Choose Riverside Insurance Agency Inc For Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation can be a complex topic, and you may have questions regarding the proper coverage. Our agents can answer your questions in detail to ensure you have the insurance you need. Contact Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS for a no-obligation quote on workers’ compensation insurance that will protect your employees and your business.

When should you review your home policy?

Like all things in life, your home insurance needs to change. You may require more coverage than you did previously. Reviewing your policy is something you should do at least yearly. At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., we have been serving the residents of Byram, MS and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. 

When To Review Your Home Policy

When your policy renews

Most home policies are renewed yearly. When you receive your new policy, that is the best time to review your home coverage. The front page of your policy documents is the declaration page. This is a synopsis of your policy. You can see your property coverage, your liability coverage, your deductible, and any endorsement or discounts you have. If you have noticed an increase from last year, you might want to dig out your last year’s declaration page to review where the increase is coming from. 

You add something that increases your liability

If you install a swimming pool or a trampoline, or get a dog, you should increase the amount of liability insurance you have. You can add it to your home policy or just get an umbrella policy that will increase your liability coverage across the board on all your policies. 

You make major upgrades to your home

If you have increased the square footage of your home by finishing a basement or adding a room or a new bathroom, this may increase the value of your home, and you should let your insurance agent know about it. 

You add new safety equipment

If you have added a home security system to your home or installed a wired smoke detector, you may be eligible for a discount on your policy. 

We Are Here To Help

Contact Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. in Byram, MS when it is time to renew your home insurance. 

Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

As a college student in Byram, MS, you may wonder if you need renters insurance. At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc, we believe renters insurance is an essential investment for college students. 

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance is a policy that provides coverage for your personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or water damage. It also protects you against liability claims, such as if someone were injured on your rental property. For college students in Byram, MS, having renter’s insurance is crucial to protect their belongings and finances.

Why Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

Having renters insurance protects your finances and gives you peace of mind. College students often live in shared spaces, such as dormitories or rental apartments, with a higher risk of theft or property damage. Without renters insurance, students must pay out of pocket to replace their stolen or damaged belongings. Besides, you may be liable for medical expenses and legal costs if someone injures your rental property such as a friend.

How Can Renters Insurance Benefit College Students?

Renters’ insurance covers more than just the replacement of your personal belongings. It can also cover additional living expenses, such as temporary housing if your rental property becomes uninhabitable because of a covered event. Some policies may also cover identity theft and credit card fraud. Renters insurance is an affordable investment that can save you money in the long run.

Contact Riverside Insurance Agency Inc Today

If you’re a college student in Byram, MS, contact Riverside Insurance Agency Inc today to learn how we can protect your belongings and finances with renters insurance. Our experienced agents are here to answer your questions and find the right policy.

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