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Byram, MS Insurance Agents • Riverside Insurance Agency, Inc.

Welcome to Riverside Insurance Agency

Buying an insurance policy can be overwhelming when you don't know the different types available, conditions, exclusions, and coverages. Understanding the policies is the first step to finding a suitable one for your needs. At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., operating in Pearl and Byram, MS, we offer a vast range of policies, including:

Auto Insurance

When buying or leasing a vehicle, you want to protect your investment from loss, damage, or theft. Taking out an auto insurance policy reassures you of such protection. Instead of paying for the expenses out-of-pocket for the damage, you pay annual premiums to Riverside Insurance Agency Inc, so the company pays all or most of the costs associated with an accident or other loss.

Home Insurance

It’s a form of property insurance the agency provides to cover losses and the damage a residence may experience in a fire, theft, or other calamities. The insurance covers four kinds of incidents on the property:

  • Loss or damage of personal belongings
  • Interior damage
  • Exterior damage
  • Injury sustained while on the property

Commercial Insurance

This policy is designed to protect businesses against risks that threaten their success. There are different types of commercial insurance policies. Some preserve a business’ reputation, others its financial well-being, and lawsuits related to work injuries.

RV Insurance

Riverside Insurance Agency offers a range of policies to campers using RV, motorhomes, and campervans. RV Insurance mainly protects owners against losses caused by injuries or damage to others.

It also ensures RV owners are compensated for the cost of damage to the vehicle if a covered incident happens. Typically, RV Insurance covers vary depending on the type of vehicle and its use.

Renters Insurance

Most tenants assume that the landlord’s policy covers their belongings in the event of a theft, fire, or other misfortunes. The truth is, it doesn't. A landlord’s policy compensates landlords for losses on the building only.

That’s why tenants need to apply for our renters' insurance cover. The policy ensures you get compensation for damaged or lost personal property possessions in the rented apartment, home, or condo.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

If you own a boat, yacht, or other such vessels, you need to take out a watercraft insurance policy. This is an umbrella term for:

  • Boat insurance
  • Yacht insurance
  • Personal watercraft insurance

The policies protect against damage to vessels powered by motors with a horsepower of 25 miles per hour. Some of the costs covered by these policies include theft, physical loss or damage to the boat, and towing.

Condo Insurance

Riverside Insurance Agency also offers insurance for condo users. It covers repair costs and losses on a condominium due to fire, theft, water damage, vandalism, and more.

Many condo users assume that a condo’s association insurance covers losses on condos. It isn’t true; the cover only protects the building and commonly owned property.

If your possessions are stolen or damaged, the association hardly compensates you for the loss.

Other Insurance Policies

  • Umbrella Insurance: The policy is designed for people who find themselves in lawsuits whose claim is more than what auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance can cover
  • Flood Insurance: This kind is ideal for people living in flood-prone areas. It compensates homeowners for losses caused by water damage due to flooding
  • Motorhome Insurance: It’s almost similar to RV insurance, but this kind is designed for motorhome owners only
  • Classic car insurance: This is a special policy that protects classic car owners. The definition of classic cars varies by the insurance company, but the rule of thumb defines them as 25-30-year-old cars.

Where Do I Buy an Insurance Policy in Mississippi?

Are you planning to purchase a policy for your home, car, boat, or condo? Visit Riverside Insurance Agency Inc, serving Pearl and Byram, MS. We have a comprehensive list of policies, and our staff is ready to help you choose a suitable one to protect your assets.

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