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Mississippi Autoowners with Renters Insurance coverage

Renters Insurance in Mississippi

Most people are aware of homeowners insurance but have less knowledge about renters who lease or rent their space. If you reside in Mississippi, buying renters insurance is among the best decisions you can make. With a renter's policy, you protect your belongings and loved ones against damages caused by accidents and related liability claims. At Riverside Insurance Agency Inc., serving Pearl and Byram, MS, we provide information on what renters insurance covers.

Personal Property Damage

A renters insurance policy provides coverage in cases where your personal property gets damaged in a covered peril. This policy provides coverage for the damage up to your policy’s limits. As long as the damaging event is among the covered perils, the insurance policy will provide full coverage. Personal property damage caused by fire, theft, or wind in Mississippi is among the events this policy covers.

Personal Liability

If you cause someone’s injuries or damage to their property, the renters' insurance will cover the liability costs. You also get cover if the injured person or person whose property you damaged files a lawsuit against you. The policy covers the legal fees and any other financial requirement in the case.

Medical Payments

If one or more people or a guest gets injured on your property, renter’s insurance provides coverage for the medical and treatment costs. This insurance policy covers medical bills and treatment costs, including surgery.

Additional Living Expenses

If the covered perils and events make your home or property uninhabitable, you can count on a renters insurance policy to pay for the expenses. You get covered for the losses and find it possible to start life over again. You should expect the coverage to go beyond your normal living expenses.

Building Alterations and Renovations

Renovations and alterations are vital in any home. When you fund the alterations at your own expense, the rental insurance policy helps cover the costs and other damages from the process.

If you reside in or around Pearl or Byram, MS, and want to enjoy the benefits of renters insurance, visit us at Riverside Insurance Agency Inc. today.

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